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Zareba A100LI AC Powered Low Impedance 100 Mile Fence Charger

Zareba A100LI AC Powered Low Impedance 100 Mile Fence Charger

  • Weed condition: Heavy and wet; 100 mile range; 115 volt, 60 cycle; pulsed output (1-second intervals); 10.9 stored joules of power; 6 joule output at 75 ohms
  • Use with ploy tape, rope, wire, or aluminum steel wires
  • Rugged, weather-resistant cabinets with digital timing. Storm Guard lightning protection. Digital timing. Fuseless design. Indicator light showing fence controller is working.
  • Best Used For: Controlling animals, keeping livestock, sheep, goats, pigs and other farm animals in while keeping out predatory animals
  • Comes with a 2-yr warranty that includes damage caused by lightning (3-year warranty is available when registered on-line with proof of purchase)

The Zareba Electric-Powered, Low-Impedance Fence Controller with Storm Guard Module is ideal for containing livestock, small animals, and pets. Even in conditions where weeds are heavy and wet, the fence controller will keep your animals contained and safe. The rugged electric fence controller is durable and easy to use. With a vented, weather-resistant, nonconductive cabinet and low impedance technology, the controller provides enough power for up to 100 miles of fencing.A100LI Electric Powered Low Impedance 100 Miles Fence Controller with Storm Guard Module
At a Glance:
Low impedance technology for maximum energy levels

Powers electric fence of up to 100 miles

Enough power to withstand heavy and wet weed conditions

Vented, weather-resistant, non-conductive cabinet is durable

Backed by two year limited warranty or three year (if registered) limited warranty, including lightning protection
This weather-resistant controller is ideal for powering isolated fences containing livestock or family pets. View larger.Easy-to-Install Fencing for Animal Containment
The Zareba Fence Controller is ideal for use with all livestock, including cows, sheep, goats, horses, and pigs. A short, safe pulse of electricity elicits a psychological response, training animals to avoid the fence.This controller provides a convenient power source for fencing up to 100 miles. It works with any type of fence wire, including rope, wire, aluminum, polywire, or polytape.Low Impedance Technology Maintains Maximum Energy Levels
Zareba's low impedance technology is designed to maintain maximum energy levels. This allows for less resistance in the charger, so more power can be pushed through the wire. A low-impedance energizer can compensate for loss of energy caused by contact with vegetation, enabling it to power long fences in weedy and wet conditions that reduce the effectiveness of other controllers.Durable Design
The vented, weather-resistant, nonconductive cabinet is rugged and durable. Easy-access terminals and mounting brackets allow quick connections and installation. A fence light flashes when the system is operating. The controller has 10.9 joules of stored power, with a 6-joule output at 75 ohms. It operates at 115-volt, 60-cycle pulsed DC output (at one-second intervals).The Zareba Electric Powered Fence Controller is backed by a two year limited warranty or three year (if registered) limited warranty, including lightning protection.What's in the Box
Fence controller.

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