Selasa, 24 September 2013

Keter 17181164 6-foot by 3-foot Apex Storage Shed

Keter 17181164 6-foot by 3-foot Apex Storage Shed

  • 70-inch wide by 44-1/2-inch deep footprint
  • 113 cubic feet capacity
  • Includes floor panel
  • Will not rust, dent or peel
  • Includes skylight

Keter 17181164 Apex 6 by 3-inch Storage Shed is a lovely addition to any garden, with it's gable roof design and built-in ventilation. Steel-reinforced structure and locking features provide additional security. This maintenance-free shed is ideal for storing long-handle tools, ladders, garden furniture and BBQ equipment. Plastic home storage helps to organize every room of your house, and Keter has designed plastic storage solutions for storage, laundry, bathrooms, and more. No matter how big or cluttered the room, these plastic home storage products will help you to keep your life tidy and organized. So, when you're looking for the perfect plastic storage solutions, look no further than Keter for a wide range of home and garden products to suit any space or requirement.

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