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TaoTronics TT-AL01 White Aquarium Coral Reef Tank LED Grow Light (120W Output, Blue/White Ratio- 25:30; Two-Year...

TaoTronics TT-AL01 White Aquarium Coral Reef Tank LED Grow Light (120W Output, Blue/White Ratio- 25:30; Two-Year...

  • Safe & Energy-saving: TaoTronics TT-AL01/TT-AL02 can replace 400W Metal Halide Lamp, saving up to 90% of your electricity bill;
  • LED is cold light, which is far superior to traditional florescent and metal-halide lamps; You don't need buy additional expensive cooling system;
  • Built-in CE approval 97% efficiency Power supply, plug and play, no need heavy ballast as MH and fluorescent which will inefficient and burnout finally;
  • Environment-friendly: no mercury and other harmful heavy metal;
  • Long Lifetime : The high power 3w LED convert electric energy into light directly, there is no filament to break on led, so they could be more durable and nearly no maintenance, you don't need to replace the bulbs frequently like MH/Fluorescent.


TaoTronics TT-AL01/TT-AL02 aquarium light provides light that has the same effect as natural sunlight and hence offers a very good growing habitat for seaweeds, corals, fish, clams or mushrooms.


- Uses highly-efficient 3w LED as the light source

- 2 power-cord system: 1 cord controls the white LEDs and 1 cord controls the blue LEDs;

- Three lighting modes: 1) Blue on, White off; 2) Blue off, White on; 3) Blue on, White on

- No additional expense on cooling. 3 built-in cooling fans help to dissipate heat effectively.


- Number of Lights: blue(25*3w LED); white(30*3w LED)

- Blue: 460-470nm wavelength; White: 12,000-14,000K color temperature

- Lighting Area: 840ft2/10ft (78㎡/3m)

- Input Voltage: AC 85-264V

- Power consumption: 110~120W (both on)

- Lumens: ≥5500LM(all)

- Lifespan: 50,000+ hours

- Product Dimension: 15.7" x 8.3" x 2.4"

- Warranty: Two Years



- The rated power of each LED chip is 3W, but the actual using power is adjusted to 2W, which is intended to match its cooling system and to extend its lifespan;

- Please don't install any dimmer or timer on the light avoiding light broken or flicking.

- Non waterproof and keep it at least 10" above the water.

Package includes:

- 1 x TaoTronics TT-AL01 Aquarium Light

- 2 x Power Cords

- 1 x Hanging Kit

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