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Earth Worth 400 Watt Gorilla Grower Grow Light Kit Metal Halide Bulb Kit for Hydroponics

Earth Worth 400 Watt Gorilla Grower Grow Light Kit Metal Halide Bulb Kit for Hydroponics

  • 2-in-1 Reflector works wuth HPS or MH Bulbs
  • Large reflector hood enables more efficient lighting than standard reflectors.
  • Multi-surface large hood to reflect the most light to your plants.
  • Superior air coolingdoes not compare to other general reflector hoods.
  • The reflector hood was designed to fits almost any grow tents.

What makes the Earth Worth Gorilla Grower 400 growing solution so special? Quality and Performance! Earth Worth supplies only the highest quality hydroponic digital ballasts and systems.�Our growing systems are specifically designed to�grow healthy, high producing plants�across each phase of�their growth cycle. Our systems are found in hydroponic research facilities around the country and are used professionally in agricultural research, biotechnology, and pharmacology. If fast lamp ignition, constant lamp voltage, flicker free output, a premium 2-in-1 Hood Reflector, and high efficiency ballast are on your list of "must haves", then the Earth Worth Hydro Hippo is for you. Our Metal Halide bulb system offers optimal performance on plants whose vegetative area is starting to get a little larger, or when you are growing plants larger than 24 inches tall vegetatively.� The MH bulbs emit blue spectrum light which is perfect for lush and vigorous vegetative growth no more short and stocky plants. Earth Worth lighting systems are perfect for both amateurs and professionals.�Our innovative plug and play kits have taken the guesswork out of hydroponics and�make�indoor gardening a breeze.�This kit includes all the components you need to set-up your indoor garden so you can grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables year round.�Earth Worth hydroponics products are created by growers FOR growers. And we stand behind every product we sell 100%. Included: * EW-400MH *2-in-1 Hood Reflector *EW-400 Ballast *Timer *Yo-Yo roller *Ceramic Socket

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