Rabu, 10 April 2013

Hardscape/Fountain Basin Size: 46"

  • 46" Diameter
  • 13" Tall
  • Super Heavy Duty

FB4600 Size: 46" Features: -Built-in channels simplify installation by allowing the plumbing to run on top.-Molded support cones inside the basin support the top panel.-Recessed pocket accepts Atlantic triton 3-way manifold (sold separately).-Recessed wall allows installation of conduit sleeve and low-voltage lighting wire within the radius of the basin keeping them accessible.-Flat panel allows for installation to an auto-fill valve.-Flat panel allows for installation to an auto-fill valve.-32" Capacity: 32 Gallons; max pump flow: 2,000 GPH.-46" Capacity: 67 Gallons; max pump flow: 4,000 GPH. Construction: -One-piece construction provides exceptional strength. Dimensions: -32" Dimensions: 13" H x 32" W.-46" Dimensions: 13" H x 46" W.

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