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HydroFLASH Lighting and Sprinkler Controller (Wired)

HydroFLASH Lighting and Sprinkler Controller (Wired)

  • Watering: 4 Independent Watering Programs with 4 Start Times each.
  • Watering: 16 Stations with software Configurable Master Valve.
  • Watering: Rain Sensor Input with software configurable input type selection.
  • Watering: Automatic Rain Delay using local internet weather data access.
  • Watering: Programmable Rain Delay value.

HydroFLASH is Flexible Lighting and Sprinkler Home controller that can be used with irrigation system that have up to 16 stations or valves.
HydroFLASH interfaces to Insteon devices to control lighting and other appliances in your home or office.
HydroFLASH accesses local weather data via your internet connection, to automatically
place your irrigation system on rain delay, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars a year in water savings.
HydroFLASH connects directly to Home Network with a Standard Ethernet Cable*.
Access and control is performed via a standard web browser, iPhone or Android device (Mobile device NOT included).
HydroFLASH iPhone and Android Mobile Applications are included FREE and can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.
Mobile device access is available via direct connection or using the HydroFLASH cloud server.
To take complete advantage of the home automation features you will need to purchase an Insteon serial modem**
and simply begin adding Insteon devices to the specific items you wish to control in your home or office.
Both Indoor and Outdoor Insteon devices are available to control landscape lighting, pool pumps, thermostats, garage door openers
gate openers etc.
If you are looking for a new irrigation controller that can replace your old one and provide you expansion
capabilities for basic home automation all in one small device then HydroFLASH is a great solution!

Note: HydroFLASH is best suited for homes or offices that have a continuous Internet connection (Cable, DSL etc) in order
to take advantage of all it's features.

* WiFi version available SKU 60-00-1005
** Insteon Serial Modem Part# 2413S required to take advantage of expanded Insteon features.

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